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                                Come join the editor Jennifer Barnick as she searches for the Champagne Life....

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Sparkling Wine

Feature Speaking with Fred Frank about his father Willy Frank

Sparkling Wine Review Real champagnes with real terroir by John Euclid

Arts & Sciences What's the deal with sulfites in wine and why the warning? byTimothy Smith, PhD

Industry News ...a brief survey of sparkling wine news

First Person

HelloGoodbye Cassandra H. Katsiaficas says hello and Wayne Scheer says goodbye

Passion Forum Suzie Sims-Fletcher shares the joy blue fake fur and PB&Js

Under the Goldlight—True Tales of Drinking Champagne Dave Brown sets out to see if lightning can strike twice

Life Before Ten The sneaky mean bully exposed by Rose Tolstoy

Art & Literature

The Marcia Reed Virtual Gallery The paintings of Marcia Reed

Drinker's Poetry Deborah M. Priestly and Robert Slattery

Fiction "The Woman" by La Vonne Schoneman

TRUE new non-fiction by J. Blake Gordon

Film in Review Anna Luciano reviews a current release; Fritz Voigt ponders a current DVD rental, and David Sirois gives us a great movie that won't be checked out

Other Goodies

Founder's Page Greeting from Dr. Timothy Smith

Letters to the Editor click for full list

Photo Gallery Click for Pics

Hello and welcome to our second Summer Issue of The Better Drink. As we were planning this issue we found out that the great vintner and proponent of Finger Lakes wines Willy Frank had passed. In memory of him we combined the Feature and Interview into one for an extended conversation with his son and current head of Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars and Chateau Frank, Fred Frank. Please read through this special feature to learn about the life of Willy Frank and his extraordinary family that was instrumental in bringing vinifera to the East. Please note the photo on this page of one of the Finger Lakes in New York. This is a land of great beauty, fine wines and some wonderful restaurants. The Finger Lakes are not far from anywhere on the East Coast and really parts of the Mid-West and Canada too. Even if you have only a few days take a drive up to the Finger Lakes and take in the beauty and try some of the fine sparkling wines there.

The Summer ‘06 is an amazing new issue with some great writing and art that I hope you all explore. The Arts & Sciences section looks into sulfites—why they are used and why we see a warning label for them on our wines. Cassandra H. Katsiaficas and Wayne Scheer share their Hello and Goodbye, respectively. Dave Brown takes us on an incredible journey that friends share around a table with wine and an open evening in "Under the Goldlight: true tales of drinking champagne". Suzie Sims-Fletcher gives us glimpse of her ability to find joy in anything in the Passion Forum section, and Rose Tolstoy opens the sketches the character of her mean sneaky bully in Life Before Ten.

Our fine arts section offers a variety of amazing paintings by the gallery's namesake Marcia Reed while La Vonne Schoneman tells a wonderful tale called "The Woman" in the Fiction section. Don't miss the poetry of Deborah M. Priestly and Robert Slattery. The movies, a proverbial escape, are reviewed by Anna Luciano, Fritz Voigt, and David Sirois. Additionally, I am pleased to introduce the newest section of the Better Drink called TRUE new non-fiction. This is an exciting new section that presents essays by contemporary writers. The first essay is by our staff writer J. Blake Gordon. And last, but the very opposite of least, visit Jennifer Barnick's In Search of the Champagne Life each week as she helps us navigate the tousled waters of life on route to the golden shores of the Champagne Life.

Please enjoy your tour around The Better Drink...and have a great summer season...hopefully with a glass of bubbly.

Dr. Timothy Smith






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